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"Impossible" - Days of Abandon: Deluxe Edition


This was one of my favorites from the 15 songs we recorded in August 2013. Originally slated for track 2 on Days of Abandon, we decided that it was just too “woe is bro” and left it off the final version of the album. Still, the song that took its place, “Until The Sun Explodes,” always felt like the album’s one false note. Even if it offered a reprieve from the interminable sigh of the other nine songs, it came off as pandering - like we were asked to write a song in the style of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Noisy guitars? Check. Tales of self-destructive love. Check. Lawsuit from Robert Smith? (Mail him a) check.

"Impossible" wasn’t like that. it felt like something we hadn’t done before, and probably couldn’t do again. After Kurt, Alex and Peggy left, I was more alone than I’d ever been, trying to figure out what came next - if anything actually came next. If "Until The Sun Explodes" was an attempt to deflect skepticism with a "we’re better than/exactly-the-same-as ever" blaster, "Impossible" was an admission of doubt and failure. I couldn’t remake the accidental magic of the past - and I couldn’t keep living to imitate my heroes. Perhaps the song is just one more interminable sigh - but at least it was my interminable sigh. And I think I’m through with sighing for a while. 

X Kip

Me and a puppy or whatever

Me and a puppy or whatever